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We specialize in professional home organizing services, closet design, unpacking and packing services, garage organizing solutions, residential cleanouts, storage unit elimination, downsizing and life transition services. When it comes to your organizational needs, we are the KING.

Our De-Cluttering Experts: Coley, Juliana, Justin.

About Us

Justin Mazurkewicz founded The Clutter King in 2013. Justin served on the National Association of Professional Organizers Houston Board of Directors for two years and was featured on KPRC Channel 2’s live TV show, “Houston Life.”


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We help conquer the clutter. No matter the space or life situation, we help bring objectivity, clarity, and peace-of-mind to people’s lives. If you’re ready to reclaim your space, we encourage you to get in touch with us right away.

We're Your Organizing Ally

We have a wealth of organizing knowledge and resources to help people deal with the things that they view as impossible or just don’t have the time for. We can organize a garage in four to six hours. We do not have a single competitor that can anywhere near match that time for the same price range or quality. We are extremely caring, attentive and non-judgmental with our clients yet know how to keep our mission on task in a timely manner. We show up to conquer clutter and make a big impact in a short time. We can install shelving/organizing products, help with decision making, dispose of things that need to go and coach our clients on our methods so they can keep the space organized. There are no competing professional organizers that will do each of these things simultaneously.


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