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Clutter King can help you organize your garage, closets, bedrooms, kitchen, storage spaces and any other residential area. We have a wealth of organizing knowledge and work closely with you to achieve the specific results you are looking for. We have the care, tact and understanding you need and also bring objectivity and a game plan to help achieve your organizing needs. In addition to the physical work, we are there to guide you through the decision making and we love to teach organizing principles for lasting results. Whether you know exactly what you want, or have no idea where to start, we can help. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Owner, Professional Organizer


Growing up, I loved to put together 5,000 piece puzzles, color-by-number, and line up my Lego people in rank and file (to be summarily knocked down by the Lego cannon).

In the United States Navy, I was meticulous when storing my clothing, making my bed and cleaning. Once, in Boot Camp, I was commended in front of the whole division for the exact manner in which I stored my garments… and was then instructed to commence a grueling physical work out to make sure my ego didn’t inflate!

Since then, I have undertaken some very large decluttering and organizing projects at my places of employment, saving them many thousands of dollars in taxes and inefficiency.

Finally recognizing my calling in life, I founded Clutter King. Through Clutter King, I enjoy using my natural energy and ability to bring  peace, simplicity and a fresh perspective to people’s lives.

Owner, Professional Organizer

Owner, Professional Organizer


Coley has a tremendous amount of compassion and patience when it comes to rearranging your space and what belongs in it. She believes in setting up systems that are designed to complement your natural way of thinking: no cookie cutter solutions for her. She loves working with what you have, learning your personality, and handling “the impossible.” She has been featured on the show “Hoarders” but you don’t have to be one for her to be able to get you organized.

Coley has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Studio Art from Mississippi College. She is passionate about art and has many craft skills. At fifteen, her first “paycheck” job involved reorganizing an entire stockroom alphabetically (and she loved every minute of it). She has worked many different positions, including retail sales, assistant to a clinical psychologist, and volunteer coordinator for a well-known nonprofit agency, before deciding to pursue her dream as an organizer.

Professional Organizer

Owner, Professional Organizer

Elizabeth Strauss

Elizabeth Strauss has loved getting people organized since the 3rd grade. Giving people usable space and organizing systems that work specifically for individuals makes her truly happy. She attended Sam Houston State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in child abuse and neglect because she wanted a job where she could help people. She has always had a heart of service and followed a calling where she could truly make a positive difference in peoples lives.

Being an organizer allows Elizabeth to help families, transforming their homes to comfortable and functional, in a custom manner. She loves organizing so much that even if she won the lottery she would continue to organize because of how fulfilling it is to help others! Getting to organize families and homes in a personal and empathetic way is her dream job.

Professional Organizer

Owner, Professional Organizer


Clutter King works with a variety of highly skilled people to achieve the goals you desire. Whether it’s extra hands, painters, or many other home services, we will make sure you get exactly what you are looking for in the most efficient and organized manner possible.

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