The Loss

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey many people are now faced with the loss of much of their personal belongings. I, like many other people around the city, have spent several days helping people sort through what was still salvageable or ruined. Huge piles of people’s lives are heaped onto the medians. Junk haulers and landfills can not keep up.

The Value

This catastrophic event has forced many people to take a sincere look at what their stuff really means to them. Is that moldy piece of decor truly sentimental? That beautiful piece of furniture was very expensive, but can it be replaced? There was joy in finding a simple photograph from childhood, untouched by the waters. A lady’s elderly Father only wanted her to recover one thing from the house she ventured back into: a little notebook full of important people’s contact information.

The Hope

The flood waters have destroyed every type of possession in people’s lives, but let’s turn this negative into a positive. Let’s take advantage of one of the silver linings. It is a chance for a fresh start and a fresh perspective.

If you were affected by the floods; as you start putting the pieces back together, make sure that you really need, use, or love the items you bring back into your life. And let’s make sure the things you really cherish are stored in a manner that they deserve.

The Action

If you lost nothing to the storm; understand that the same could happen to you and perhaps start taking a closer look at the things you are holding on to. Decide if it would be worth having to shovel it out the door or rescue from a fire. And let’s get your truly important and loved belongings somewhere safe.

If anybody needs help or advice, or an objective perspective on dealing with stuff you can contact us any time.

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