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Professional organizing services – from closets to cleanouts, from garages to offices, & everything in between! Let us be your organizing ally!


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Professional Organizer & Decluttering Services in Dallas TX

We specialize in professional home organizing services, closet design, unpacking services, garage organizing solutions, downsizing and life transition services. When it comes to your organizational needs, we are the KING.

We help conquer the clutter. No matter the space or life situation, we help bring objectivity, clarity, and peace-of-mind to people’s lives. If you’re ready to reclaim your space, we encourage you to get in touch with us right away.

How We Can Help

We have a wealth of organizing knowledge and resources to help people deal with the things that they view as impossible or just don’t have the time for. We show up to conquer clutter and make a big impact in a short time. We can implement organizing products, help with decision making, dispose of things that need to go and coach our clients on our methods so they can keep the space organized.

Why Choose Us?

We are extremely caring, attentive and non-judgmental with our clients yet know how to keep our mission on task in a timely manner. We show up to conquer clutter, get your space organized and make a big impact in a short time.
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Our Customer’s Love Us!

“Great People!” – Randy C.


“I have used them for 3 jobs now and they’re the best in the business. And great people too! I give them my full recommendation.”

“Highly recommended!” – Sue S.


“My garage went from ground zero to zero clutter – it truly looks unbelievable! Thank you Clutter King!”

“Amazing Work!” – Thomas K.


“Clutter King did an amazing job. The team was polite, the cost was reasonable, and the end result is awesome.”

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Meet Your Organizing Expert


Our Services

Closet Organizing
Our team of professional organizers at Clutter King can help your closets become magazine quality, typically in just four hours or less!
Garage Organizing
With a wealth of organizing knowledge and resources, we can help conquer your “impossible” garage in a blink!
Kitchen Organizing
Do you spend more time looking for cookware than you do actually enjoying your creations? We can help your kitchen become an efficient, organized space!
Home Office Organizing
Our professional organizers at Clutter King can help your home office become a simpler, more productive work environment.
Children's Space Organizing
Do your children wreck their bedrooms, closets or play space? Is that even a serious question? Clutter King can help give your children’s space some structure and a fresh start.
Craft Room Organizing
Do you have trouble finding the perfect item or tool? Clutter King, your local professional organizers, can help your craft space make sense.
Packing & Unpacking
We can help with your packing and unpacking needs. We have a great process for an extremely organized move and can save you a lot of time and stress before and after moving!
Life Transitions
Are you ready to downsize? Have you lost a loved one? Have your children gone to college and left a mess? Clutter King can help your life transitions happen smoothly and with great care!
Storage Unit Organizing
How much have you paid for storage units over time? Do you wish you could organize or reduce them but don’t know what to do with all the stuff? Clutter King can help!
Small Business Organizing
Is your storage space a disaster? Clutter King can help your small business space become less stressful so you can focus on what you do best!
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