Carefully selected companies that Clutter King has partnered with to bring you the best service possible. Most services here offer Clutter King clients an exclusive rate and/or preferred service.


Clutter King is an official Trade Partner of The Container Store. This means we have a special relationship in which Clutter King and our clients receive extra attention and awesome discounts. Every day of the year.

When needed, and only when needed, we can recommend, order, and implement The Container Store’s awesome products in your home or business at a price that can’t be beaten.

From bins and baskets, to elfa, to full-scale custom closet designs with TCS closets, we have the knowledge and experience to match awesome products with our awesome service.


Cardboard boxes are time-consuming, invite pests and are not great at protecting your belongings. We are proud to introduce a far better solution: Clean Moving Crates.

Renting Clean Moving Crates is a very simple concept. Choose a rental package and a delivery date. The Clean Crates are delivered conveniently to your door. You pack, then you move using Clean Crates. After you move, empty the Clean Crates at your own pace and Clean Moving Crates will pick them up from your new location.

Clutter King clients are offered an exclusive rate and we can save you even more time by packing & unpacking for you! Learn more about Clean Moving Crates here.


Imagine having endless closet space and a personal wardrobe valet at your service.

Garde Robe® pioneered the luxury wardrobe management and Cyber Closet® valet concept
to service the needs of couture collectors, city residents with inadequate closet space,
business travelers, globetrotters, multiple home owners, and fashion designers.

The only service of its kind, Garde Robe’s raison d’être is museum-quality garment storage
for its members’ precious clothing, footwear, furs and accessories collections,
and providing on-demand accessibility whenever, wherever.

Clutter King works seamlessly with Garde Robe to manage your wardrobe.

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The information in this section shows professionals in the Real Estate Industry how Clutter King can help their Houston clients.
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Stressed Clients?

We all know that moving can be a headache with tons of decisions to make, packing, deadlines, damaged possessions, unpacking, and more decisions!


As a real estate professional, you try to minimize your clients’ stress during the home buying/ selling process. At Clutter King, we like to do the same in our clients’ home. As professional organizers, we have the experience, resources and psychological understanding to help guide people through decisions about their space and belongings. We can coach and work with them side by side or just tackle a space ourselves. We assist with purging, packing, unpacking, organizing, and cleanouts, providing peace of mind and a fresh start.


Some people have vast quantities of stuff, some have no idea where to start, and some just need somebody by their side. Many people are short on time, with families and careers to keep up with. We can handle any situation with our expertise and our network of carefully chosen professional organizers in related fields.


Whether you refer our services to a client in need or offer them as part of a home purchase, you can add real value to your listings, and most importantly, to people’s lives.

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Peace of Mind

You can gift it!


  • Methodical & organized
  • New home planning & color-coding system
  • We apply care and logic when packing, unlike many movers


  • Big picture planning & detail oriented
  • Organized unpacking, assemblies & wall hangings
  • We quickly give new homes an organized system from the start!


  • Junk removal & donation hauling
  • Pre-move purging & foreclosure/rental abandonments
  • We can communicate condition and visible defects after clean out


  • Offer our service as a buyer incentive
  • Refer us to speed up the sale process
  • We can refer you to our clients


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