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Are your closets overflowing? Do you end up with piles on the floor and no real home for anything?

We all outgrow clothes, change our styles and put wear and tear on everything. Taking the time to go back through our clothes, shoes and accessories is never at the top of our priorities. We often start the day by going to our closet so it’s important that we feel good about it!

Are you intimidated by the prospect of organizing your closets? You’re not alone. In fact, many clients have called on us to professionally organize this space for them, and we have been happy to oblige them.

At Clutter King, we’ve done countless organizing jobs for clients all over the greater Houston area, and we’ve done more closets than we can even keep track of. In other words, you can bet we know our stuff when it comes to organizing your closets!

What to Expect From Our Professional Organizing Services

  • Initial Consultation: In our free consultation, one of our organizers will meet up with you at your residence, and they’ll take a thorough look at your closet. They will also talk with you to learn your goals and desires and discuss the organizing process. Worried about us taking too much control of the job? Don’t! We’ll work according to your exact parameters. If you have a very specific vision you want us to follow, it’s all good. If you want us to take the lead, we can do that as well. At the end of this consultation, we’ll give you a quote and schedule a date for our return.
  • Organizing Session: When we return to your home, we will begin our organizing sessions. Because we’re so experienced in our craft, sometimes, we can finish in as little as a few hours, but for more complex jobs, it might take several. In any case, we will work with you according to your level of desired involvement. Again — you can lead the whole process if you want, or kick back in a lawn chair drinking your favorite drink out of a straw while we take care of everything. The choice is yours!

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Will You Make Me Throw My Things Away?

No! At Clutter King, we like to make sure every single job is done according to your specific tastes. Customer service is our number one priority above all else, and if we’re getting rid of stuff without your authorization, that flies in the face of a “customers first” mentality. We do haul donations, but only with your permission!

With some clients, we donate a whole lot of stuff. Other clients elect to keep every single thing, not getting rid of a single item. Both examples are totally okay, and whatever your preference is, we’ll follow it!

Professional Organizers in Houston

And, of course, closets aren’t the only thing that we organize for our clients. We offer a variety of useful services. Whether you’re looking for garage storage solutions or looking for us to reorganize any other room, we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter what it is — craft room, bedroom, garages, home office, kitchens, we’ve done it all.

We also offer packing and unpacking services for moves. We can help you with life transitions, downsizing and other big events. If your apartment needs a cleanout, we’ll assist with that, and we can also help you eliminate the need for a storage unit. So, whether it’s for your closets or any of these other services, what are you waiting for? Clutter King can help — contact us today!

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Clutter King began with garage organizing. We have since grown and expanded our services, now providing complete residential organizing, commercial and office organizing, clean-outs, and super organized packing/unpacking!


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