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When was the last time you parked two cars in your garage? One car? Is your garage an eye-sore that just never seems to be at the top of your to-do list? Are there things you know you have but no idea where they are? Clutter King can help your garage become magazine quality, typically in just four to six hours!

With proven methods, a wealth of organizing knowledge and resources, and a strong desire to get your garage back for you, we can help conquer the impossible in a blink.

The Problem With Garages

Garage storage, decluttering, and organization is one of the most common jobs that we’re called for, and it’s easy to see why. Garages, more often than not, are the storage purgatory of people’s homes. In our experience, most homeowners move in, fully intending to use their garage for what it is. Over time, however, space runs out in the home, and people start throwing their stuff inside as a temporary measure. Temporary becomes long-term, and the garage, over time, becomes a glorified storage room while your car waits outside sadly, continually blasted by rain and heat.

Does this sound familiar? It’s nothing to be ashamed of; this is exceedingly common for Houston homeowners. The problem is that cleaning and organizing the garage is an absolute pain, and a task that could cost you hours of your time and physical energy.

That’s where we come in!

Organized Garage Wall

Clutter King’s Garage Storage Solutions

So, how does our system work? When you call Clutter King for garage storage solutions, here’s what you can expect.

  • Initial Consultation: When you call us for a job, we will come to your home and personally take a look at the garage, assessing the extent of the clutter. No need to worry about your finances here — this part is completely free! After we’ve taken a look, we’ll present a price based on your garage’s unique needs. If you agree to it, we’ll schedule an official organizing session, and we’ll return on that day.
  • Forming the Plan: When we arrive, you can be as involved as much or little as you want. A lot of clients already have an exact idea of what they want us to do with the space, and they just call us because they don’t want to do the job by themselves. Totally understandable! Meanwhile, there are many others who have no idea where to start — also understandable.
  • The Organizing Session: If you want to do nothing more than kick back and relax while we do our thing, it’s no problem, we’ll handle it. And, of course, you’re free to take an active role in the organizing if you’d prefer. No matter what, customer service is our priority and we want to make sure the job is done according to your tastes. And don’t worry — your stuff is YOUR stuff, so we won’t throw anything away or get rid of anything unless you give your express permission!

Organize Your Garage Today

Do you have a garage that functions as your home’s personal storage purgatory? Time to make a change. If you’re in or around the greater Houston area, give Clutter King a call, and we’ll happily take care of the job for you. Contact us today!

And, of course, garages aren’t the only thing that we organize for our clients. We offer a variety of useful services. Whether you’re looking for kitchen storage solutions or looking for us to reorganize any other room, we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter what it is — craft room, bedroom, home office, closets, we’ve done it all.

We also offer packing and unpacking services for moves. We can help you with life transitions, downsizing and other big events. If your apartment needs a cleanout, we’ll assist with that, and we can also help you eliminate the need for a storage unit. So, whether it’s for your garage or any of these other services, what are you waiting for? Clutter King can help — contact us today!

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Clutter King began with garage organizing. We have since grown and expanded our services, now providing complete residential organizing, commercial and office organizing, clean-outs, and super organized packing/unpacking!