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Packing and Unpacking Services in Houston TX

Have you ever experienced movers’ atrocious attempts at packing your belongings? Wouldn’t it be nice to know where everything is, even in the middle of the move? Are you short on time and energy for setting up your new place? Clutter King can help with your packing and unpacking needs. We have a great process for an extremely organized move and can save you a lot of time and stress before and after moving!

The Stress of Moving

Moving is often a big stressful event but it doesn’t have to be.

Clutter King will help you and declutter whilst packing so you are not taking things you no longer want with you. We pack in an extremely organized fashion, so you will know what is in every box at all times, and so the movers will have an easier time putting the right boxes in the right rooms at your next location!

In your new space, we don’t just empty boxes onto counters when unpacking. We set every space up so that it is functional and looking good right away. Feel free to get right back to work, social life, or whatever else you’d like to do while we handle getting your house set up!

We can direct movers for you on moving day, as well as handle more complex moves where some things are going to storage, some to a rental, etc. We have even handled several interstate moves on both ends!

Organized Packing Service

Clutter King’s Packing and Unpacking Service

So, how does our system work? When you call Clutter King for help with your move, here’s what you can expect.

  • Initial Consultation: When you call us for a job, we will come to your home and personally take a look at the home, assessing the scope of the job. No need to worry about your finances here — this part is completely free! After we’ve taken a look, we’ll present a price based on your home’s unique needs. If you agree to it, we’ll schedule packing and/or unpacking dates, and we’ll return on those days.
  • Forming the Plan: When we arrive, you can be as involved as much or little as you want. A lot of clients already have an exact idea of what they want us to do with the space, and they just call us because they don’t want to do the job by themselves. Totally understandable! Meanwhile, there are many others who have no idea where to start — also understandable.
  • The Packing or Unpacking Session: If you want to do nothing more than kick back and relax while we do our thing, it’s no problem, we’ll handle it. And, of course, you’re free to take an active role in the session if you’d prefer. No matter what, customer service is our priority and we want to make sure the job is done according to your tastes. And don’t worry — your stuff is YOUR stuff, so we won’t throw anything away or get rid of anything unless you give your express permission!

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And, of course, moving services aren’t the only thing that we offer our clients. We offer a variety of useful services. Whether you’re looking for kitchen storage solutions or looking for us to reorganize any other room, we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter what it is — craft room, bedroom, home office, closets, we’ve done it all.

We can help you with life transitions, like downsizing and other big events. If your apartment needs a cleanout, we’ll assist with that, and we can also help you eliminate the need for a storage unit. So, whether it’s for your garage or any of these other services, what are you waiting for? Clutter King can help — contact us today!

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Clutter King began with garage organizing. We have since grown and expanded our services, now providing complete residential organizing, commercial and office organizing, clean-outs, and super organized packing/unpacking!